About Commune

Commune is the brainchild of Commune Properties India P Ltd. It is a self-sufficient, sustainable and holistic community with 384 apartments spread over 5 acres 14 guntas of landscape dotted with aromatic greens. It has a range of designer yet affordable 1, 2 and 3 BHK homes ranging from 765-1590 sqft. Discover the exciting world of community living and co-existence at Commune luxurious yet affordable homes with a host of amenities to match your modern day lifestyle.

Located at Chandapur-Anekal Road, Commune is just 10 minute drive from the Electronic City, near Surya City and well connected to the city via the elevated expressway as well as NICE Corridor.


If you are married or planning to, if you are a single independent soul, if you are a student who wants to save for a better future, if you are retired and looking for security or if you travel and want a secured home, no matter which walk of life you are in, Commune is the home that meets your need. Commune is especially the sort of luxury a first-time buyer dreams of.

Built on the concept of ‘Starter homes’ or ‘Compact homes’, Commune has just the right-sized living units that meet not just today’s but also tomorrow's needs of you and your small family. These apartments are meant to have all the facilities and luxuries within a complex, propagating a self-contained enclave which is more efficient than living in a standalone apartment building.


  • Commune has been designed by the famous architects - Sunil Pillai Associates, Mumbai
  • It offers very appealing and affordable unit sizes (765 – 1590 sq.ft)
  • It has adopted the latest Precast Technology - A precast concrete product is a factory-made piece manufactured with concrete and which, later, together with other pieces, becomes part of a larger structure. Precast concrete elements are prepared, cast and hardened at specially equipped plants with a permanent location.
  • Commune has been designed to be Seismic proof for Zone 2